3 Great Landscaping Tips for New Homeowners 7/9/2018

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3 Great Landscaping Tips for New Homeowners

We can all agree that buying a new home isn't just about the home. We've all driven by that one house in our neighborhood that was screaming out potential, if not for the overgrown lawn and shabby vegetation. Some people seem to take great pride in their landscaping, and for others, it's more of an afterthought at best.

In order to avoid becoming "that one house" in your neighborhood, we're offering all you new homeowners our top 3 landscaping tips to help you boost your curb appeal and become the envy of your neighborhood.

3 Great Landscaping Tips for New Homeowners

Start a Compost Pile

Consider turning your collection of dead leaves, grass clippings and other "yard waste" into a valuable, nutrient-rich food source for your lawn. You can easily buy or build your own enclosure, and it's a much cheaper way to get a healthy-looking lawn in no time!

Keep these things in mind when planning your compost site:

  • Water is crucial in the decomposition process. Make sure you add plenty of it to speed things along.
  • Because sunlight evaporates much of this water, select a location with at least partial shade to keep the site as damp as possible.
  • Decomposition is carried out by bacteria and other organisms in the soil. Make sure your compost pile is making contact with the ground below.
3 Great Landscaping Tips for New Homeowners

Avoid Overmowing

Most of us would probably assume that a short, well-manicured lawn is the best way to show of the curb appeal of our new home. But did you know that it's actually unhealthy to keep your lawn this short? Most sources agree that each mowing should only remove the top one-third of the grass blade. And although it depends on the type of grass, most species should be kept between 3-4 inches high. This will prevent the grass roots from being exposed, prevent the blade itself from becoming "burned," and will create a healthier, more drought-resistant lawn for your new home.

3 Great Landscaping Tips for New Homeowners

Create a Watering Schedule

In the drier seasons, it can become crucial to keep your lawn and landscaping watered but not overwatered. Either one can prevent your grass from taking in the necessary amount of oxygen. Since it can be really difficult to be consistent in watering your lawn, we recommend creating watering schedule, or buying a programmable timer for your sprinkler system to ensure your grass is being properly hydrated each day.

Follow these three easy tips this summer and show off your new home with a robust and healthy landscape.

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