4 Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal in Your Custom Home Design

The Bordeaux shows off its curb appeal as Lucke's award-winning entry in Homearama 2014 in Carriage Hill.

We’ll spend a lot of time together working through the floor plan of your dream home. It’s important to get the design as close to perfect as possible – just enough space to not feel cramped; just tight enough to feel cozy; the perfect amount of daylight; an easy flow from room to room. But just as important as the inside, is the exterior of your home.

Creating the perfect “face” for your home is no easy task. It must inspire and excite, while remaining warm, welcoming and providing just a hint at the beauty within. If you feel like your exterior vision is coming up short, here are 4 easy ways to boost the curb appeal of your custom home design.


If the elevation of your home is the “face,” your lawn and landscaping would have to be the makeup. You may think that landscaping comes after move-in day, and that your builder doesn’t have much to do with it, but that’s not necessarily true. Lucke builds a basic landscaping budget into the pricing of your home, with more complex landscaping packages also available. We’ve seen it pay off many times when our customers choose to allocate some additional dollars toward professional landscaping – it truly makes a difference! Consider whether you’ll want a plethora of landscape beds, or if you prefer standing or hanging planters. A little planting goes a long way.

An impressive landscaping design helped to transform Lucke's custom Breckenridge home in Homearama 2019.


An appropriate lighting scheme is hugely important in the nighttime curb appeal of your new home. Be sure to welcome guests with plenty of lighting over the entryway. When it comes to the rest of the exterior, don’t be random – highlight the best attributes of your home and landscaping and make it look intentional. We can help you blend high-end lighting fixtures, yard spotlights and sometimes even string lights (for trendier home designs) into a seamless effect that draws attention from every neighbor and passer-by.

This custom Savignon Blanc custom home is highlighted beautifully by its outdoor lighting scheme and illuminated fountain

Garage Doors

If you are designing your home in such a way that one, two or all of your garage doors will be visible to the street, don’t be afraid to showcase them. Just be sure to complement the overall design aesthetic of the rest of your exterior. Will you go rustic, modern, contemporary or a mix of styles all your own? Consider the paint or stain color and whether or not you’ll want windows. Some garage door designs may benefit from decorative metal hardware.

A stunning custom garage door design can add some serious curb appeal to your Cincinnati custom home.

Mix Your Materials

Break out of your comfort zone and add some more character to the façade of your home. There are plenty of building materials at your disposal and Lucke’s design and construction experts will make sure they all come together beautifully in the design of your dream home. We’ll work with you to strike the perfect balance between exotic stone, brick, wood siding and even metal accents and ornaments. With Lucke as your custom builder, your home can be as unique and original as you are.

This custom Charlotte 2 ranch home in Mason seamlessly blends stone, brick, wooden shake and metal roofing.

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