6 Advantages of Hiring a Custom Home Builder in Cincinnati

Working with a custom homes builder allows freedom to design unique spaces like this beautiful gourmet kitchen.

Why work with a Cincinnati custom homes builder?

It’s already a big commitment and a huge decision to build a brand new home, especially if it will serve as your forever home. And one of the first big decisions you will have to make is whether you’ll build a template home with a production style builder, or if you’ll want a custom house that is completely tailored to your unique preferences and lifestyle. If it sounds like we’re a bit biased, we sure are! But let us tell you why. Here are just 6 of the major advantages to hiring a Cincinnati custom home builder.

Quality Craftsmanship

From the tiniest details to the ones that will completely transform your new home– we invest in our specialists and know that they’re the best in the industry at their respective trades. There are no corners cut when you build with a Cincinnati custom homes builder like the Robert Lucke Group. We use the best quality materials available to construct your home, along with the best subcontractors in the area (and ones we’ve known and trusted for decades).

Enjoy quality craftsmanship like this custom boxed beam ceiling and stone fireplace by the Robert Lucke Group.

Build On Your Lot

Ever find the perfect floor plans and decorating motif, only to find out that you despise every property your production builder offers? That doesn’t happen at the Robert Lucke Group. If you decide that our selection of communities and offsite lots aren’t right for you and your home, you will have the additional option to build on your own lot.

You can build on your own lot when you build a custom home with the Robert Lucke Group.

Fewer Homes Per Year

According to Cincinnati.com, Ryan Homes, the nation’s fourth-largest home builder, knocks out more than 18,000 production homes in a year! Compare this to Lucke’s annual average of somewhere between 20-24 custom homes. Fewer homes built overall means that we have more experts and more attention focused on your custom home at all times. It also means that we don’t stretch our resources too thin. We give ourselves more time and energy to think through every detail of your design and home building process. A custom homes builder will make certain that your new home comes out just as perfect as you’ve always imagined.

We build fewer custom homes per year in order to give your dream home the attention it deserves.

Unique Finishes

If you’ve ever driven through a neighborhood and seen a beautiful home, and then realized there were 300 others just like it lining the street, we feel your pain. There are plenty of beautifully designed production homes out there. But they’re not you … your style… your home. When you team up with a custom builder, you get immediate access to unique finishes and fresh ideas. No more overdone Pinterest copies. But if you do find inspiration online or elsewhere, be sure to bring it to our attention. We love trying new things and we will find a way to include it in your new home with the quality and care that you deserve.

Going custom gives you access to unique finishes like this stunning tile backsplash and gas range.


Many people may choose to work with production builders over custom home builders as a matter of convenience – just pick a pre-drawn floor plan and move in a few months later. But there may be some conveniences of building with a company like the Robert Lucke Group that you haven’t considered. For instance, did you know that Lucke offers to carry your construction loan? We know you have enough to figure out when it comes to building a new home. This is one less thing for you to worry about.

Perhaps the biggest convenience of working with a Cincinnati custom home builder like Lucke is that we will purchase your ideal lot in the beginning and then bundle it with your home, which means one convenient closing for you at the end of the process.

When you build a custom home with the Robert Lucke Group, we carry the construction loan for your convenience.

Build Your Own Pricing

There aren’t many ways to customize your pricing with a production home builder. They may offer to move a room here or there but the cost of building that home pretty much is what it is. Because being a custom home builder means custom everything, we also maintain a custom pricing strategy. This means you have the flexibility when working with our Sales Manager to increase your lighting allowance, switch out the kitchen flooring from hardwood to tile, or even rescale the overall square footage to meet your desired budget.

Custom home builders use a custom pricing strategy to ensure your new home fits comfortably within your budget.

Let Us Build Your Custom Home in Cincinnati

Can’t find the perfect place to build your custom home? We can help! Get started by contacting our Sales Manager, Randy LaMar: (513) 295-4242; RLaMar@robertluckegroup.com.

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