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8 Unique Ideas For Your Luxury Finished Basement

Luxury finished basement with a pool table in a Lucke custom home in Mason, Ohio

As with any space in your new custom home, the sky is the limit. The more creative you can be, and the more talented your home builder happens to be, the better your chances of designing a truly breathtaking place for you and your loved ones to call home.

This week we want to inspire you to get the most out of your finished luxury basement by considering some of the most unique and exciting lower level features we’ve ever seen.

Home Theater

The perfect home theater can be both a great space to entertain and watch the game, and an equally great place to escape and relax. Create the perfect theater setup with some comfy recliners or classic theater seating, some cool low lighting, and the biggest LED or projector screen that your budget can survive.

Built In Wet Bar

We’ve seen, and built our fair share of finished basement wet bars in our six decades of home building. There are countless styles and features to consider in your bar. We recommend considering your overall style of home design, and let all other decisions stem from there. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to have fun with the design and give your lower level bar a completely different vibe from the rest of your house. Here are some great design concepts to get you started:

  • A cozy Irish- or British-inspired pub with stone and brick accents

  • An upscale hotel lounge with fancy glassware and backlit glass shelving

  • A classic sports bar showcasing games on multiple flatscreens and memorabilia on the walls

Hidden Room

Work with your home builder to design a secret bookshelf, wall or door leading into a hidden room. Use the extra private space for a quiet home office, gym or kids’ play room.

Game Room

Speaking of kids, designing the ultimate fun space in your finished basement for board games, bar games and such can bring out the child (and the crazy-competitive side) in all of us. We’ve been asked to design and build some amazing setups that have included everything from pool tables, shuffleboard and darts to ping pong tables and even jungle gyms for the young ones.

Bowling Alley

Arguably the most unique finished basement feature on this list, a custom bowling alley will do a ton to impress your guests. There’s nothing like avoiding the smelly rental shoes and instead knocking down some pins in the comfort of your own home.

Bookshelf Wall

If you’re more of a reader than a gamer, consider dedicating one of your entire basement walls to a breathtaking shelf of books, antiques and other decorative knickknacks. The key here is to dedicate an entire wall to the cause. The sheer boldness and scale of a full wall of books can really set off the vibe of your lower level space. Pair it with a cozy chair or daybed for the ideal literary lounging spot.

Home Gym

If you’re asking me, cold and quiet makes for the perfect place to get in shape. Go snag a treadmill, some resistance bands, a rack of dumbbells and whatever else you might need to get a great workout. Just don’t forget the rubber flooring.

Staircase Wine Cellar or Humidor

The space behind your basement steps can either be a huge waste of space or an awesome asset to the character of your finished luxury basement. Don’t waste this opportunity. Talk to your custom home builder about turning this seemingly strange space into your dream wine cellar or a place to stock your stogies.


Get Inspired to Design Your Perfect Custom Home

Still looking for more inspiration? Check out one of these related articles about home design, or start your home building conversation today by calling or texting our Sales Manager, Randy LaMar: (513) 295-4242;


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