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Here and Gone in Montgomery, Ohio 6/19/2017

The Robert Lucke Group has recently sold one of its newest custom market homes, located in Montgomery, Ohio. The somewhat cottage-like two story can seen at 8684 Arcturus Drive, in the Sycamore School District.

The market home was sold by Sales Manager, Randy LaMar, and was sold while still under construction.

Arcturus was one of two recently built market or model homes by Lucke. The other can be found in The Villages at Four Bridges -- a new custom patio home community for empty nesters in Liberty Township.

The Robert Lucke Group will continue to hold open the Arcturus Drive market home through the third week of July 2017 (dates subject to change). Potential home buyers will be able to tour the home each of those Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4pm. Lucke's Sales Manager, Randy LaMar will be on site to answer any questions and help visitors understand Lucke's streamlined process of designing and building one of its legendary custom homes.

Here and Gone in Montgomery, Ohio

The Family Tree Savings Program 10/26/2015

We honor our family's legacy with quality custom homes and service. And now.. We honor yours.

Introducing Robert Lucke Group's Family Tree Savings Program. 

Receive our "Repeat Buyer" discount when anyone in your direct line of family has built a custom Lucke Home. When your family builds, you save! (all discounts subject to review)

Contact us for more details, or call (513) 295-4242.

About the Builder

For over 63 years, The Robert Lucke Group has been known as one of the very elite custom home builders in Cincinnati. We hold awards for design excellence and strong customer service. Lucke is proud to be known as an official HOMEARAMA® home builder for over 22 years.

Now, with our third-generation President, Scott Lucke, leading the way, our family-owned and -operated luxury home building company is looking forward to one of our best years yet. We are consistently and tediously designing new floor plans that complement the latest trends in home design. We are cautiously, yet boldly searching for the most prime locations to host our most breathtaking new home communities all over the Greater Cincinnati area.

We invite you to work with us on your next custom home, design your final dream home, or remodel your current home and join the Lucke Family.

The Family Tree Savings Program

How to Choose Your Custom Home Builder in Cincinnati 10/15/2013

Ever feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes time to make a decision?

Building a custom luxury home is no easy task- custom floor plans, finding the right lot, selling your current home, not to mention finding the right company to build with in the first place.  There are dozens of custom home builders in the Cincinnati area alone.  To help in your search for that perfect match, we've highlighted some things to look for in a custom home builder.

Begin by asking around or doing some internet searches to get a better feel of a builder's history and track record.  Some builders in the Cincinnati area have not been around for very long and may be less likely or less prepared to survive in a situation like the most recent housing market crash.  Make sure you do your homework and choose a builder with a proven reputation of dependability as well as a strong presence in the local housing market.

The next thing to keep in mind is the options that a certain home builder offers.  In other words, what level of customization does this builder have the ability to perform?  Many home builders market themselves as "custom," but only some of them will customize each and every detail of your home to fit your exact desires.  The last thing you want in your "custom" home is to be limited to only certain options.  Remember, a large part of your reasoning for building this custom home in the first place was to be able to change and alter every detail.  Taking this freedom out of the equation seems to defeat the purpose, right?

It's important to know just how custom your home builder can be, but what does this help if your luxury home isn’t built in a quality manner?  Always make sure your builder is one who treasures the concept of quality.  This may be a good time to refer back to the research you've done on this home builder.  Ensure the company's track record stands out with testimonials from satisfied customers, participation in events like HOMEARAMA, and other important merits.  Another good way to gain this insight is to view one or a few of the builder's projects in various stages of completion.  This could include visiting a model home or scheduling a time with a sales rep to walk through a home that is currently under construction.  Nothing beats viewing the product with your own eyes!

Arguably the most important aspect to look for in a custom home builder is a passion for service and good communication habits.  Compared to more production-style homes, building a custom luxury home in Cincinnati can be a very time-consuming process.  There are contract revisions, meetings with an interior designer to decide on selections, multiple meetings with staff in order to revise the floor plans, lot walks, and many other steps in between.  With the ball being passed back and forth so often during this process, it becomes incredibly important that your home builder is accessible and can respond to all of your questions and concerns in a timely manner.  There is nothing worse than being in the dark about what’s going on with the construction of your new custom home.

Once you’ve checked all of these qualifications off of your list, you should at least be at a good starting point with your home builder.  Just remember, this list is not all-inclusive.  Be sure to first figure out what is most important to you, and then go out and find a Cincinnati home builder that fits you and your situation.

How to Choose Your Custom Home Builder in Cincinnati

Why Build a Robert Lucke Home? 6/17/2013

It is no accident that Robert Lucke Group has been in business for over 64 years now.  We build some of the nicest and best quality custom and luxury homes in Cincinnati.  A good portion of this 6-decade span was during a time before advanced technology, before internet, before social media.  

This was a time when companies, especially homebuilders, had no choice but to survive by word-of-mouth and reputation, alone.  Many of Lucke's previous competitors in the housing market have since fallen by the wayside- unable to stand behind their work, and therefore, unable to survive.  It is with extreme pride that I dive a little deeper into what makes our product and services so dependable, and so far above the rest.

There are 5 key elements to the way we conduct ourselves as a premiere provider of quality custom homes:

               Customer Service.  Experience.  Quality.  Value.  Service.  


Customer Service:

-  We have an in-house Design Center located in our Montgomery office, that makes it more convenient for prospective clients to choose    their home decor and other selections.

-  "We will build on your lot!"- This is more than just a "Lucke catchphrase."  We are the oldest building company to offer this service.

-  Lucke provides our own financing-  You pay us when the job is done.



-  We have relationships with some of our sub-contractors and vendors that go back over 35 years.

-  Lucke Homes has (in 1976) and can build Green and L.E.E.D. certified homes, including our 2008 Homearama Home.



-  Our on-site job supervisor manages quality control and cleanliness checkpoints throughout the process.

-  We use the same high-quality and highly-talented vendors for our $300,000 homes as we do on our $3+ million homes.  You will not suffer any loss of quality or care with us, no matter where your price point falls.



-  We find ways to improve our homes in areas that won't hurt your budget.

-  Every home is custom-designed to fit your desires and your lifestyle.  We are as custom as you need us to be.



-  We have our own service department that is available 7 days a week.

-  Quality is always first, NOT PRICE


And if, after reading this, you are still not fully convinced to build with us, we invite you to give us a call at 513-683-3300.  We would love to meet with you or even schedule a time for you to walk through one of our custom luxury homes still in the construction phase.  There is nothing more convincing than seeing the quality with your own eyes.

Robert Lucke Homes are built to last, and we stand by our work for the life of the home.  We invite you to become part of the Lucke Family!

Why Build a Robert Lucke Home?

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