4 Things to Consider Before Downsizing Your New Home 7/25/2018

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4 Things to Consider Before Downsizing Your New Home

The kids are gone. The house is big, silent and empty. It’s time to scale things down a bit and begin customizing the perfect “forever home” that you can just relax in. But it’s not always that easy. First, you’ve got some decisions to make and some things to keep in mind. Here are 4 Things to Consider Before Downsizing Your Home.

Smaller Size May Not Mean Smaller Budget

Experience has taught you that you just don’t need the wasted space anymore. But that wisdom can be both a blessing and a curse. Those years of trial and error have also taught you exactly what you want (and don’t want) in your custom home. And so, you’ve developed a certain level of comfort you’d like to maintain.

Pay attention here…. This is where people get into trouble.

We’ve had our share of clients who think that simply reducing the square footage of their “forever home” will mean a more tolerable mortgage payment. Yet, these same people – and we don’t blame them a bit – still want the highest upgrades and materials available. They still want that gourmet kitchen they’ve always seen in the luxury lifestyle magazines. They still want that finished lower level with the wet bar that raises up from the floor. And who doesn’t want those things? The point is, when you add all of these features into your new custom home, it doesn’t take long before you’ve completely diminished the savings you might have gained from downsizing the square footage of your home.

Be realistic about your budget going into the designing and home building process.

Think Outside The Lot

You’re in a home now, so it’s only natural that you picture your “forever home” as, well, a house. But when you design and build with Robert Lucke Group, you’ve got more options than you might think.

Have you ever considered a low-maintenance lifestyle home like those in The Villages at Four Bridges? What about a luxury townhome with stunning valley views like Woodland Vistas? Everything built by Lucke is expertly designed, constructed with absolute care and quality, and completely customizable to suit your lifestyle.

So be sure to consider every option before deciding what to do. We’ve got some great housing alternatives for those who may want to downsize without all the upkeep of a traditional single-family custom home.

Downsizer’s Remorse

We all know the term “buyer’s remorse.” Some purchases sound like a great idea or even a necessity at the time. Then we get home, the fog of excitement clears, and we realize we didn’t actually need that pair of jeans or that 80” flatscreen. We immediately regret it.

If you’re in the right phase of your life, downsizing to a more practical and manageable home may be the right call. But don’t be surprised once you’re all moved and settled in to your new downsized home if you start to miss some of that extra space you once had. Humans are creatures of habit and it may take some time for you to adjust.

Our suggestion is to always remember WHY you’re downsizing. Is it to save money and travel more? Is it simply to minimize the maintenance on your home as you reach retirement age? Keeping these goals in the front of your mind will help to curb that initial “remorse” of downsizing.

Start Downsizing Now

Practice makes perfect. You can start the downsizing process now by selling or donating furniture and other items you don’t need or use very often. Begin imagining in your current home which rooms or spaces you could potentially downsize or remove from the floor plan altogether. This will help you determine the scale on which you’ll be able to eventually downsize (comfortably).

With Lucke, downsizing doesn’t mean giving up the things you desire most in your new home. Working with a third generation family home builder ensures that you’ll get as much as possible out of your new downsized custom home!

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