Six Advantages to Building a Custom Home 9/12/2018

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Six Advantages to Building a Custom Home

It’s fair to say there are probably a lot of folks out there who just aren’t totally sure what the real differences are between a production or track-style home and a truly custom home.

And so, they sit right in the middle, unable to decide which option might be best for them.

If you’re one of those people, we want you to know we’re on your side in this decision. That’s why we’re breaking down some of the top advantages to building a custom home. First up -- the answer is always yes.

Endless Options

The answer is always yes when you work with a custom home builder like The Robert Lucke Group.

"Can I make this room larger?" Yes.

"Can we design a secret panic room behind this bookshelf?" Yes.

"Can we build in one of those elevators from Willy Wonka that goes in every direction?" Mmm… maybe?

Ok, maybe the answer isn’t always yes. But if there’s a feature or upgrade you’ve always dreamed of including in your custom home, or you just want to switch a few rooms around, we can do that. Our answer to your design ideas will pretty much always be yes, as long as it makes sense structurally to the home, and as long as your budget allows for it.

There are many instances where we get request from a customer about something we’ve never even done before. So we roll up our sleeves, do our homework and figure out a way to make it work in your new custom home design.

More Attention

Building a custom home obviously requires the builder to pay a lot closer attention to the clients’ needs, desires and overall vision for their new home. And because custom home builders like Lucke tend to build a much smaller quantity of homes per year than the larger production-style builders, that means a much higher percentage of our attention and care is being spent on your home.

Some of you who have built with us in the past can attest to this: By the end of our design and construction process on your new home, many, if not all of our employees will begin to feel more like your family than you may have expected. That’s how closely we work with you throughout the process of creating your new one-of-a-kind home.

Higher Quality

A higher quality of home comes from two different sources. One has to do with the previous advantage, and all that attention we’ve been spending on your home to make sure everything is done correctly, down to the last nail or coat of paint.

The other source that contributes to the overall higher quality of your home lies in the end goal of your builder. A production builder is usually trying to keep their cost per square foot as low as possible by prioritizing lower cost labor and building practices over quality and longevity. A custom home builder’s goal is to work with you and create the best-designed, best-constructed and best-looking home that we can.

Better Communication

Although, admittedly, this seems to vary from builder to builder, The Robert Lucke Group does everything it can to keep you in the loop throughout the design phase and the construction phase of your new home. We truly build your home with you right by our side.

We involve our customers in planning meetings, selections coordination, and anywhere else we feel you might benefit from being involved. And when you’re not directly involved, we have a dedicated Construction Coordinator who will send you weekly updates on your home and construction schedule.

Build Anywhere

Production builders typically have their pre-determined communities. Even if you want to build your new production home, you walk in, pick a pre-drawn floor plan, pick the community, and pick your lot. Boom. You’ve got a new house in 4-5 months.

When you work with a custom luxury home builder like Lucke, you have a lot more options in where to build your new home. Like we’ve always said, we can build on any available lot, whether it’s owned by us, you or a third party. We build in our communities, other builders’ communities (when approved), or even more private offsite lots.

So don’t limit yourself. Remember what they say in real estate – Location, Location, Location.

After Move-In

It’s easy to make a builder decision based on what happens leading up to, and during the construction of your home. But what about afterwards? Will your builder fade into the background once you’ve moved in? Or will they stick around and have your back as the home ages?

When you build a custom home with The Robert Lucke Group, we will stand behind your home for life. If we made a mistake or something goes wrong that shouldn’t have, we’ll come out to your home and make it right. We’ve built our company on 65 years of satisfied clients’ referrals, and we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

We hope this week’s article served to give you some further insight into the advantages of building your new home with a custom home builder. Remember, there’s a whole lot more going into your home than just the price per square foot.

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